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Digital wallet created
for everyone.

Trusted. Battle-tested. Beautifully designed.
Digital wallet that handles it all.
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Easy Onboarding.
Easily sign up and create an account on Flow.
Real Ownership.
Flow Wallet stores your Flow account keys on your device, enabling you to experience real ownership.
Unlock your favorite apps.
Own your assets while you explore the ecosystem of apps on Flow.
Your finances, safe & secure.
Account backup and secure transaction approval with just the tap of a finger.

Manage all your accounts in one place.

Flow Core Wallet protects your accounts and assets thanks to your device's secure hardware.
Elegantly Designed.
Open Source.
Your Assets, Safe & Secure.

Experience real ownership.

Connect to your favorite Flow apps to bring your assets anywhere.

Build on
Flow Wallet

Flow Wallet is open source, allowing you to build upon it's reference implementation to create an even better wallet on Flow.

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Flow has emerged as the go-to destination for thriving communities of developers, artists, creators and brands building their own blockchain-based digital media and entertainment experiences.
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